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Sunstove and a kettle

Is the Sunstove a kettle?

Quite often the first question a potential Sunstove buyer will ask is..."How long will it take to bring 1 litre of water to the boil?" Now - this is just about unanswerable. You would need to know first a) where in world you were doing it, b)…
Sunstove Solar Cooker

Battered and battle scarred!

Hi there Margaret, Thought I would share with you some of the food we have cooked and the places we have been, with the sun stove you sold us, so many years ago. My first try at quantity cooking was when we needed to cook a large quantity…
Solar radiation map

Solar Insolation

I hope people in South Africa who are using the sun's energy are really, really grateful?  Of course, we all love the weather here - especially in the Highveld - but, more than that, we happen to be living in one of the best places on earth…
Sunstove 2000 Solar Cooker

Why is it a hard sell?

Because they look so simple – certainly our Sunstove does – it is a hard sell.   How can this thing possibly work?   People are sceptical and can take some convincing.  I've had folk looking underneath for the wires!  However, all…