“A new and hot item in town”

Middle East Times - Yemen

“Women no longer gather wood daily or crouch over a smoky fire to stir the cooking rice”

Davanvilai, India

“Solar boxes are catching on and many housewives are ordering them”

Khartoum, Sudan

“Children at my school travel all day to find a bundle of firewood that lasts one week”

The Gambia

“City dwellers my turn to the sun box when barbecue grills are banned by new antipollution laws”

OMNI magazine, USA

“For me living in the far north of Mozambique on a remote island called Ibo, the solar stove has taken a huge burden off me”

Karen Floor, Missionary

“Some women organised to bake bread for the rest of the community using solar ovens”


“I cooked a lovely leg of lamb – it was so tender my family asked if I’d changed my butcher”

Jeanette Monaghan, Benoni