Non Profit

SunStove Organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the environment and the lives of women with affordable, solar cookers. Manufactured in South Africa, SUNSTOVES® are safe, healthy, user-friendly, eco-friendly, durable, stackable and portable. Using the sun’s energy and local and recycled materials, SUNSTOVES® help conserve forests while allowing families to cook healthy and delicious meals.

Formed in 1993 as a non-profit, Section 21 Association, Sunstove Organisation has been dedicated to producing a low-cost, user-friendly solar cookers for people who are experiencing a biomass or energy shortage for cooking their everyday food.

Expanding into new markets

Sunstove Organisation has decided to enter the technological world to expand their customer base. With the development of the website, the aim is to reach four new markets:

1.  People who have taken themselves off the electrical grid who would like another device with which to cook their food;

2.  People who enjoy using solar energy to cook their meals;

3.  Campers and caravaners;

4.  Aid agencies that assist poor communities.  Here you can promote training as a component rather than a simple product donation.

To find out more about our solar cookers or to purchase them, contact Margaret on +27 11 969 2818 or +27 83 667 7519 or email

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