Our Story

Sunstove Organisation has dedicated the last 25 years to improving the lives of many people around the world by producing and selling affordable, recycled solar cookers.

Our aim is to educate the public and our visitors on solar cooking and in particular to sell our Sunstove 2000 Solar Cooker.  The price of the solar cooker is detailed on the frequently asked question page, with pricing for the cooker as a single unit, for only the two pots we suggest you use, or if you wish to purchase the complete unit.

As you go through the website you will learn more about us, how to use the solar cooker, our frequently asked questions page will provide extra information, and read our monthly blog.

If you would like to receive our blog, click on this link and add your name and address.  It is important to note that we will respect the privacy of any person who wishes to receive our blog, as indicated by our privacy policy below.